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Enhance Your Drive: Hertz Armenia's Additional Services and Equipment – Tailoring Your Journey Beyond Expectations. Elevate your journey – explore our range of add-ons for a trip that's uniquely yours.

Discover a world of customization with Hertz Armenia's Additional Services and Equipment. From GPS navigation to child seats, we provide the extras that transform your drive into a personalized experience. 

To make the most out of your rental experience in Armenia we offer the following additional services and equipment:

  • Full insurance package: With Full Insurance any damage to the car will be covered by it and you won’t be liable for a single penny, provided you don’t move the car from the place of accident and notify us about damage to the car. Full insurance is available to be requested when picking up a car.

  • GPS: GPS Satellite Navigation System with maps of Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh are available upon request.

  • Child Seat: If you are in Armenia with your family and want to ensure your child’s security take a car seat. We have car seats of different sizes and different models for different ages.

  • Wi-Fi Internet: Portable Wi-Fi is available upon request

Please note that all these additional services will be provided at a cost and will be billed along with a car rent.